Volunteers Needed for First Home Meet

    Thanks to all who have signed up to help run our first home meet of the season! We still need more volunteers, and we especially want to have some more parents trained as Officials. There will be an Official's training on Thursday, 11/2, at 4:30 pm prior to this meet. The meeting will take place in the Seminar Room at BTW on 1st Floor. Any parent who is interested in helping the team by becoming a High School Official is welcome to attend. Officials are needed for our home meets. Training will be provided. If you have already completed the training, please sign up to officiate at swim meets -- it really helps our swimmers. The officials are there to make sure they're doing the strokes and making the turns properly. 

    Please go to the Swim Meets/Events page and click on the Job Signup button to see what jobs are still open. Thank you!

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