BTW Swim - Season's Highlights DVD Order Info

    Swim Families,

    A DVD copy of the season's highlights video that will be shown at the end of the banquet tonight is available to buy for $10. If you'd like to buy a copy, please fill out the attached order form and bring it along with your payment and give it to me at the banquet. You can pay with cash or a check made out to BTW Swim Booster Club. Orders will be accepted after the banquet as well.

    The DVD will come in a case with custom artwork. It will be delivered to your swimmer before school ends for the year.

    This year's video is a little bit longer than last year's since there are so many swimmers and this was an extra special season with the Boys winning State. I think everyone, especially the swimmers, will enjoy seeing it all. That being said, there are still things I wanted to include but didn't because of time constraints. I will be adding some bonus features to the DVD such as photos and any video footage I have of the many record breaking events from the year, the fun Senior night events, etc. I only had time to list the record breaking events with text in the video. And I want to get some pieces from the television coverage of the State championship as well as the BTW State assembly to include.

    So, if you buy the DVD you'll be getting the extra special "DIrector's Cut" version!

    See you at the banquet tonight.


    Denis McGilvray

    P.S. I will still be working on uploading all the photos from throughout the season to the team SmugMug photo site; that will be an ongoing summer project...  : )

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