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Swim Boosters Volunteer Positions

BTW Swim Boosters (SB) is a volunteer group that supports BTW swimming.  We need LOTS of help!  All BTW hosted swim meets are staffed entirely by volunteers.  In addition, the BTW swim team has other activities and traditions that are supported by volunteers.  Below are the descriptions of many of the regular BTW Swim Booster volunteer roles.

BTW Swim Boosters Officers:  

BTW Booster Club President:  Commits to lead SB for one to two years, leads meetings, identifies swim team needs and works with the coach, swim team and SB volunteers to meet those needs.

BTW Booster Club Vice President:  Commits to serve as SB president at the end of the president’s term. Supports, shadows, and acts as president as needed by the president during the year.

BTW Booster Club Treasurer:  Accounts for SB income and expense and provides regular summaries of SB budget and actual expense during the year.

BTW Booster Club Secretary:  Records meeting minutes and keeps other Booster Club records.  Works with President, Coaches and Website / Communications coordinator to assist in team communications.

BTW Swim Booster Committee Chairs / Coordinators

BTW Swim Boosters Website/Communications Coordinator:  Maintains BTW Swim Team Website, including updating roster, event schedule, etc. Works closely with BTW SB President, Secretary, and BTW Swim Coaches to send team communications.

Officials/Coaches meals coordinator:  Plans and coordinates Officials/Coaches meals for BTW hosted swim meets, including planning menu, purchasing/coordinating main course and bottled water, managing a small budget. Coordinates Officials/Coaches meal committee volunteers to provide sides and desserts, and sometimes main dishes.

Spirit wear Sales Coordinator:   Coordinates the design selection, ordering and sales of all spiritwear.   Works with Senior swimmers, Booster Board, and BTW Swim Coaches to coordinate the design selection for spirit wear. Works with vendor to get pricing, mock-ups, create order form, etc.

Team Swimsuit / Equipment Orders :  Coordinates ordering, sales, and distribution of swim suits and accessories. Works with Senior swimmers, Booster Board, and coaches to coordinate the design selection for team swim suits including, pricing, creating order form, obtaining sizing kit, submitting and picking up orders.

Gate Admissions Coordinator:  Coordinates volunteers to collect gate admissions (Student Activity Fund) and heat sheet sales (BTW Swim Boosters) at all BTW hosted swim meets. Ensures accurate accounting of funds for gate admissions and heat sheets.

Head Timer / Timer Coordinator:  Trains and coordinates timers for all home meets and provides assistance as needed to timers during meets.   Makes sure that we have 2 timers in every lane before the start of the meet, hands out stop watches and heat sheets, and keeps a  “back-up” stop watch for back-up support to individual lanes.

Hy-Tek Coordinator:  Trains others on the Hy-Tek computer system and insures at least 2 trained volunteers are available to the run the system for each home meet.

Concessions Coordinator:  Buys concessions to sell at home meets, manages sales and coordinates volunteers to sell concessions.

Senior Night Coordinator:  Collect pictures and forms from all senior swimmers, order flowers and cupcakes and coordinate decorating for the senior night swim meet.

State Activities Coordinator:  Coordinates events and traditions for state swimmers and families.

Swim Banquet Coordinator:  Coordinates and end of the year banquet for swimmers and families to celebrate the season.

Float trip CoordinatorsCoordinates annual float trip, including planning location, food for evening meal, transportation, etc. Works closely with BTW Swim Boosters to select date and recruit chaperones.

Swim Meet Support - Home Meets

Swim Meet Timer:  Best seat in the house!  Training is provided as needed by the head timer before the meet begins.

  • There are 2 timers per lane
  • One timer per lane has a stopwatch and clipboard with a heat sheet.
  • Timers should always verify the swimmers name before they get on the block since changes do occur to line ups.
  • There are 3 timing systems used to insure accuracy
    • Electronic touchpad underwater
    • Plungers - Each timer pushes a plunger when the swimmer touches the wall at the end of the race.  They are not pressed at the beginning of the race.
    • Stopwatch - One timer also keeps time on a stopwatch and records the time on the heat sheet next to the swimmers name. - If timers do not start the stopwatch in time or have a problem, signal the head timer for a backup.

Gate Admissions:  Works with Gate Admissions Coordinator to sell tickets and heat sheets at home meets. 

Concessions:  Purchases snacks and drinks to sell at BTW meets. Sets up table before the start of the meet, coordinates volunteers to work the concession stand.

HY-Tek Timing System:  Runs the computer timing system to record all race times.  This is a position that can only be filled by those who have been trained on the system. 

General Team Support Positions

Pasta Party Host(s): Parents typically host a swim team pasta party at their home. Pasta parties are two to three times per year, the night before our major meets (All City, Green Country Conference, etc.)

End of the Year Banquet: Junior parents help the coordinator plan and prepare for the banquet and pot-luck meal.

Float Trip Parent Volunteers: We have an Illinois River float trip for swim team members every May. Parent volunteers are needed to chaperone, drive and help with Friday night food preparation.

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