REMINDER: Photo Session Thursday 4/22!

    Swim Families,

    The team is doing the photo session with Shannon Surratt tomorrow, Thursday, April 22nd during 7th Hour and immediately after school for the few freshmen who don’t have swim for 7th Hour.

    Seniors: wear your gray team pullover from last year with black pants or black warm-up/sweat pants.

    Everyone Else: wear your orange team pullover from this year with black pants or black warm-up/sweat pants.

    Please have your hair and any make-up done and ready for 7th Hour.

    NOTE FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Boys should be clean shaven - no stubble since it makes it difficult to clean up their skin when cutting out individuals for the composite photo.

    Meet at the pool for 7th Hour with your pullover and black pants on and ready for the photos session. The team will walk over to the entrance of the Field House where Shannon will have her gear set up for the photos. Please don't be late.

    If you’re a freshman who doesn’t have 7th Hour swim, please be sure to go directly to the Field House entrance immediately after school ends. The photographer needs to have you there as soon as possible. The Field House is located directly south of the football stadium and Historical Building.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    BTW Swim Booster Club Communications

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